Motion picture & video industries Miscellaneous Lines




Motion picture and video industries Miscellaneous Product Lines

512199_L32040 Contract production, excluding postproduction services
512199_L3204032043 Contract production, excluding postproduction services: For other
512199_L32050 Postproduction services
512199_L3205032051 Postproduction services: Linear video/audio editing
512199_L3205032052 Postproduction services: Non-linear video/audio editing
512199_L3205032053 Postproduction services: Film to tape transfer
512199_L3205032054 Postproduction services: Audio postproduction
512199_L3205032055 Postproduction services: Graphics and animation
512199_L3205032056 Postproduction services: Visual and compositing effects
512199_L3205032058 Postproduction services: Format conversion and compression
512199_L3205032059 Postproduction services: Duplication
512199_L3205032061 Postproduction services: All other services
512199_L32070 Other services allied to film, video, or digital media production and distribution
512199_L32090 Motion picture film processing
512199_L39000 Merchandise sales
512199_L3900039036 Sales of merchandise, excluding films, video cassettes/DVDs, motion pictures, television programs, commercials, music videos, and direct-to-home videos/DVDs
512199_L39500 All other receipts
512199_L3950039528 All other receipts

The Report entitled, Motion picture & video industries Miscellaneous Lines (Ref: 512199 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.