Other information services Lines




Other information services Product Lines

5191_L31170 Sale or licensing of rights to content
5191_L32730 Information search services on a contract or fee basis
5191_L32740 Newspaper clipping services
5191_L32750 Contributions, gifts, and grants
5191_L3275032751 Contributions, gifts, and grants: National, state, and local government
5191_L3275032752 Contributions, gifts, and grants: Private, including individuals, community efforts, and commissioned fundraisers
5191_L32760 Sales of books and other educational materials
5191_L32770 Fees and dues from providing access to library or archive collections, including overdue fees
5191_L32780 Fees from supplying information, including news reports, articles, pictures, and other features to the news media
5191_L32790 Stock photo services
5191_L32800 Fees from educational workshops and seminars
5191_L35050 Custom computer application design and development services
5191_L3505035051 Web site design and development services
5191_L39000 Merchandise sales
5191_L3900039044 Sales of merchandise, excluding books and other educational materials
5191_L39500 All other receipts
5191_L3950039536 All other receipts
5191_L3950039537 All other receipts

The Report entitled, Other information services Lines (Ref: 5191 L) , contains the above Product and Market breakdown.