234990 All Other Heavy Construction

This industry comprises:

  1. Establishments primarily responsible for the entire construction (i.e.., new work, reconstruction, or repairs) of heavy nonbuilding construction projects (except highway, street, bridge, tunnel, water lines, sewer lines, pipelines, power and communication transmission lines, and industrial nonbuilding structures)
  2. Establishments identified as all other heavy construction management firms
  3. Establishments primarily engaged in construction equipment rental with an operator
  4. Establishments identified as special trade contractors engaged in activities related primarily to all other heavy construction. Typical projects constructed by establishments in this industry include athletic fields, dams, dikes, docks, drainage projects, golf courses, harbors, parks, reservoirs, canals, sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants, hydroelectric plants, subways, and other mass transit projects.

Establishments in this industry may subcontract some or all of the actual construction work. Kinds of establishments include heavy construction general contractors, design builders, engineer-constructors, and joint-venture contractors.