Food & beverage stores




Food and beverage stores

4451_L Grocery stores Lines
44511 Supermarkets & other grocery (except convenience) stores
44511_L Supermarkets & other grocery stores Lines
445110_L Supermarkets & other grocery Lines
44512 Convenience stores
44512_L Convenience stores Lines
445120_L Convenience stores Lines
4452_L Specialty food stores Lines
44521 Meat markets
44521_L Meat markets Lines
445210_L Meat markets Lines
44522 Fish & seafood markets
44522_L Fish & seafood markets Lines
445220_L Fish & seafood markets Lines
44523 Fruit & vegetable markets
44523_L Fruit & vegetable markets Lines
445230_L Fruit & vegetable markets Lines
44529 Other specialty food stores
44529_L Specialty food stores Miscellaneous Lines
445291_L Baked goods stores Lines
445292_L Confectionery & nut stores Lines
445299_L All other specialty food stores Lines
4453_L Beer, wine, & liquor stores Lines
44531 Beer, wine & liquor stores
44531_L Beer, wine & liquor stores Lines
445310_L Beer, wine & liquor stores Lines

A separate report is available for each of the above. Reports with the suffix '_L' refers to reports with a Product Line breakdown.