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The Business Plan

Users can produce a basic printed Business Plan if that is all that is needed. For a more detailed Business Plan, the software will take users through a series of forms and utilities which will allow one to specify the commercial plan objectives and the project events; one then produces the Project database. Users can then generate an advanced Project Dialogue database which provides detailed guidelines and a project management action plan for each country covered by the project. In addition, if needed, users can obtain additional human resources and support services to produce an assisted Business Plan. The software then generates a Business Plan Web which incorporates the business plan objectives and the underlying market research findings.

Finally, if needed, a modelling level Business Plan is available, and this incorporates highly sophisticated business forecasting components.


How it works...

First, review the Market Research to gain an understanding of the market and the industry. This is a simple process which allows users to browse the Market Research DVD and quickly pick those areas of interest and potential business opportunity.


Business Plan: Basic

With only the above market research data, users can produce a Basic Business Plan using the Word document template which is provided.

This is the quickest and simplest Business Plan users can write; and it is useful when one is producing a printed business plan for a local business or trade. This type of business plan would suit a small business start-up where users have to submit a simple business plan to their bankers or investors.

Second, run the Business Plan software to generate the detailed commercial and project management databases. Each Business Plan is a single project and the user can run as many projects, or business plan scenarios, as required.



The Business Plan software takes the user through a series of database forms and spreadsheets which will result in the production of a comprehensive and cohesive Business Plan:-


One can modify the business plan, or run as many different scenarios as necessary, to refine a particular business plan or to explore alternatives.


Business Plan: Detailed

The second level of Business Plan, which is used as a commercial blueprint for the project, produces a Detailed Web site. The web based plan is better suited if users wish to run a number of scenarios and then distribute those finding to a project team and/or to several recipients. The web can be on a single computer, on an intranet site, or (if the participants are not on one site) a password protected internet site.

This web based business plan is useful when one is producing a commercialised business plan which needs the precise elements of the business plan quantified in a series of formal documents. This type of business plan would suit a business start-up which is run by a project team that needs the project elements coordination.

Third, run the Project Dialogue software to generate the advanced Project Action Plan databases for each country covered by the project.

The Project Dialogue software takes the user through a series of database forms and spreadsheets which will result in the generation of the detailed Project Action Plan databases and timetables for each country that the project will cover:-


Business Plan: Advanced

The third level extends and develops the above Business Plan Web to produce an Advanced project management blueprint which includes both the commercial business plan as well as a project management schedule (for each country) which allows the project designers to specify and coordinate the commercial elements with the activities of the project team.

This business plan web will orchestrate the project managers and project team, human resources, the commercial participants, the physical resources, and the purchased products and services.


Fourth, you can obtain further services from us, including a Service Team, Consultants, Resources, Support Services, and Corporate Research; and this allows users to access additional project resources and/or produce more detailed analyses and blueprints for project management.

There are many ad hoc services through which users can obtain the help they need to assist them to reach their business goals. These ad hoc services can range from a full Service Team which can produce a fully implemented turnkey project, to the simple provision of a consultant on the other end of a telephone line to immediately answer a technical or commercial question, or the loan of a programmer or systems engineer for a few hours. In addition to the human resources, users can also access a wide range of commercial and physical resources, support services, and corporate intelligence.

These resources and services become an integral and operational part of the project and are managed by the project managers.


Business Plan: Assisted

In addition to the above Business Plan webs, users can also augment the project operation with the additional human resources and support services provided by us. These services are entirely flexible and can be used to either develop the project methodology and planning structure, or as elements which form part of the physical project.

These services are injected into the overall Business Plan and become an integral part of the business planning activities. In this way the project managers and project team can use our human resources and services seamlessly as part of the project elements.


Fifth, you generate the Project Web which will allow users to view the project in its entirety.

You do not need to complete all the forms; however the ones which you do not complete will result in incomplete project web pages. You can edit out these un-wanted web pages. You can of course return to these forms later and complete any missing data and then re-generate the project web.

You can update the project data as often as you require and then re-generate the Project Web (if you specify the same Project Name then the new project web will over-write the existing web). You can also generate as many separate Projects designs or scenarios as you wish (each with a unique Project Name) and these will generate separate Project Webs for viewing and discussion.


Finally, you can obtain software and databases to generate highly detailed medium and long-term business planning analyses and forecasts for company management and investors.

There are diverse utilities, forecasting and modelling tools available for advanced business modelling and forecasting; and one can use these to produce highly detailed analyses, or specialized business planning forecasts and documentation, reports, spreadsheets, and other items to assist company management in their medium and long-term planning activities.

This is especially useful where users are involved in technical/industrial processes, or a complicated distribution system, or intricate financial operations, or a technologically evolving product, where one has to coordinate and manage the project elements over an extended geographic space and/or over a medium or long-term timescale.


Business Plan: Modelling Level

The modelling level business planning resources use a battery of macro and micro economic, industry and market level, product and buyer, forecasting models to produce medium and long-term business plans.

These are bespoke business planning resources which are tailored to the client's individual circumstances and needs.




For reasons of ongoing compatibility and future data manipulation, users are urged to standardize on one application software suite. Much of the benefit of the Business Planning Resource is derived from the ongoing ability to use the research and software to produce medium and long-term business plans. Users will normally use Microsoft Office for this process, however the Business Planning Resource DVD also comes with a free OpenOffice suite.