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Competitor Control

Tactical & Strategic Competitor Control Acquisition Manual







The Competitor Control Report


7  Volumes per target Competitor


Report coverage

The Competitor Control Report has the following coverage:-

  •   The REPORT ON COMPETITOR OPPOSITION, INTERDICTION + CONTROL is published for only one reason - to allow a reader to completely understand a specific target company and thereby enable one to tactically and strategically oppose, interdict and control that Competitor.

  •   It is rare that one would simply wish to put a competitor out of business. In the long term it is usually better to control the competitor. To reduce the competitor's income and profitability and thus restrict their ability to develop products or markets; thereafter forcing that competitor into niche products and markets - being those that are most convenient to one's own company. To manoeuvre the competitor in respect of the costs, margins and pricing of their own products so that in effect the competitor becomes an ancillary operation (of one's own company) which is allowed to keep certain low profit or low volume customer sectors or markets. Thus one can cream off the most profitable markets and leave the less profitable ones to the competitor.