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The Tactical & Strategic Company Report


The printed volumes are instruction manuals which indicates the essential elements of the Tactical & Strategic Report on the Target Company in relation to the attached DVD.  Version / Edition 11 (and later) of this product contains substantially more data than in previous versions or editions and thus the quantity and complexity of the data makes it is virtually impossible to produce an easily usable hardcopy printout, as this would run into many tens of thousands of printed pages; and therefore to assist users these manual describe how to extract from the DVD databases the specific information required, and then print a hardcopy document if required.



The Current Analysis - Volume 1

The CURRENT ANALYSIS is designed to provide the normal type of financial data plus additional financial & operating data.

The Products & Markets most critical to the Target Company in the Medium and Long Term.


FINANCIAL DATA: 90 pages of Financial + Accounts Data.

OPERATIONAL DATA: Operating Finances, Margins + Costs.

THE MARKET: The Total Market by Country, by State or Region, by Year 1997 to 2016.

MARKET CONSUMPTION: 90-100 pages of Market Consumption & Market Trend figures are given by EACH COUNTRY, STATE, REGION by EACH INDUSTRY, PRODUCT Group and/or MARKET Sector by YEAR to 2016. PRODUCT PROFILES: Product Profiles for Each product by country by year to 2016.

Market coverage is designed to encompass not only the existing markets for the Company products, but also areas of market expansion, product segmentation, parallel markets, et al. By the same token the data excludes those market areas or sectors which are unavailable to the Company for whatever technical or commercial reasons.

PRODUCT MARKETING: Sales & Selling; Distribution + Handling; Advertising; After-Sales; Marketing

MARKETING: Sales & Selling Costs; Distribution + Handling Costs; Advertising Costs; After-Sales Costs; Total Marketing Costs.

CUSTOMERS + SUPPLIERS + INDUSTRY by Regions, Cities & Towns.

PRODUCT INDUSTRIES: New Technology, Production, Process Investments; P&E in Use; P&E Investments.

PRODUCT INDUSTRY FINANCES: Profits/ Total Assets; Profit/ Sales; Sales/ Total Assets; Profit/ Capital Employed; Sales/ Employee; Capital Employed/ Employee; Profit/ Employee; Remuneration/ Employee; Sales/ Payroll; Sales/ Stock; Current Ratio; Credit periods.

INDUSTRY: Technology + Process Investments; P & E in Use + Investments.




The Tactical Analysis - Volume 2

The TACTICAL ANALYSIS undertakes an appraisal of the Target Company which is used to evaluate and forecast short term tactical issues & factors; plus highly detailed forecasts on the Company's sales, financial, operational & marketing performance during the next 7-14 years.


A DETAILED FORECAST: Turnover, Profitability, Productivity, Market Shares, Awareness + Perceptions, Rating, Sales, Advertising, Products, Competence, Quality, Pricing, Competitors, Performance, Superiority, Service, Customer Base, Costs, Margin, Distribution.

FINANCIAL FORECAST: 90 pages of Financial + Accounts Data.

OPERATIONAL FORECAST: Operating Finances, Margins + Costs.

THE INDUSTRY Figures given by EACH COUNTRY, STATE, REGION by YEAR. Structure: Concentration: Immediate Customer Base Profile: Employment: Cost Structure: Inventory Structure: Capital Expenditure Structure: Industry Finances.

MARKETING FORECASTS: Marketing + Competitive Forecast & Analysis.

SHORT TERM STRATEGY + TACTICS: Product Markets, Product Conclusions, Product & Market Price, Segmentation, Quality, Availability, Performance Variances, Technological & Technical Factors, Service, Product Fragmentation, Distribution, Customer Factors, Psychographics, Market Stretching, Merchandising, Pricing, Selling, Marketing Back-up, Market-places, Customer Base, Distribution, Market Routes, Distribution Logistics, Control Systems, Distribution, Handling Costs, Advertising + Sales Promotion, End User Targets, End User Factors, End User Sectors, Joint Ventures, Short Term Investment.

COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS: The comparison of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Company and its major competitors in the Trade Cell. The forecasted performance of the Company is a function of the Company's strengths and weaknesses in relation to that of its Competitors.

TACTICAL ANALYSIS: The tactical analysis is designed to review, analyze and isolate certain critical tactical questions which indicate the short term prospects for the Company.

SHORT TERM TACTICAL ISSUES: An analysis of the Company's short term tactical issues and relative performance in the Market-Place.



The Strategic Analysis - Volume 3

The STRATEGIC ANALYSIS is intended to give an extremely far reaching strategic analysis of the Company and thereby explore the medium and long term problems and opportunities for the Target Company and thus provide a vital input to Corporate Planning and Development.

MEDIUM + LONG TERM STRATEGIC CONSIDERATIONS: Long Term Market & Product Forecast, Consumption Forecast, Long Range Forecast for Products, Product Growth, Factors for Profitability.

MARKET ENVIRONMENT: Growth, Structure, Service, Customers.

THE PRODUCT: Life Cycles, Market Share, Product Quality, Product range, Profitability, Pricing, Service Quality, New Products.

COMPETITION: Market Share, Profitability, Competition, Market.

THE INDUSTRY: Industry Growth, Costs, Capacity, Productivity, Labor, Unionization, Capital Structure, Investment, Margins, Integration, Marketing costs, Process, Distribution, Market Penetration.


MEDIUM + LONG TERM CHECKLIST: Profitability, Productivity, Market Shares, Customers, Sales Promotion, Product Availability, Competence, Products, Quality, Pricing, Competitors, Performance, Service, Customer Base, Costs & Margins, Distribution Channels, Forecast of Financial + Operating Data.

MEDIUM + LONG TERM CHECKLIST is a working plan or document for the critical factors which influence the Company in strategic terms. The data is given as a matrix by Subsidiary, Division, Unit or Market sector.

CRITICAL LONG RANGE FORECASTS - Long Term Market & Product Forecast  - Overall Market Forecast for the Industry - Long Range Country / Trade Cell Forecasts - Long Term Product Growth

THE LONG-TERM MARKETS The Market section consists of a LONG-TERM MARKET CONSUMPTION forecast giving data for each year to 2028. Market Consumption & Market Trend figures are given:- by each Country/ State / Region by each Product Group and/or MARKET by YEAR to 2028

LONG-TERM PRODUCT PROFILES Figures are given by each Country / State or Region by each Product and by Year (2002-2028).   Market data for each Product or Market Sector in a matrix for all the countries or states in the Long-Term.

LONG-RANGE PRODUCT SUMMARY Figures are given by EACH Country / State or Region by each Product. The PRODUCT SUMMARY will give a forecast for each Product or Market Sector in the Long-Term.


The Survey Analysis - Volume 4

The IMAGE + SURVEY ANALYSIS gives a tabular & graphic analysis of the prevalent image of the Target Company in terms of customers, distribution channels & competitors.  Overall National Surveys are provided as a point of comparison.

IMAGE + CUSTOMER SURVEYS: The Company  can greatly benefit from knowing what their customers think and how they might improve products or services.

PERFORMANCE: Credibility, Customer Confidence, Reputation, Staff Efficiency & Performance, Integrity, Truth + Honesty, Written + Verbal Communications, Customer service - Handling - Complaints - Problems, Comprehension + Awareness of Product, Customer Response + Information, Promotion, Advertising, Documentation, Contracts. Current & Forecast Data.

STATUS, STANDING, COMPETITIVENESS: Operations, Manpower, Costs, Margins, Products, Managers, Corporate, Distribution, Customers, Marketing, Competition, Reputation, Promotion, Competence. Current & Forecast Data.

THE SURVEYS Over 600 vital questions answered in these surveys. Analysis isolates the person behind the purchase decisions (at various levels) and analyses the situation before, during and after the purchase.

END USERS + CONSUMERS: Figures by EACH Country, Company, Division by each CONSUMER Question.

BUYERS: Figures for Buyers by EACH Country, Company, Division by each BUYER Question.

CONSUMER OR BUYER LEVEL: The Buyer Profile is a matrix by YEAR & by AGE Group (7 ranges) by Social Class (6 ranges) by Geographic Location. Current & Forecast Data.

DISTRIBUTION CHANNELS: for EACH Country, Company, Division by each DISTRIBUTION Question.

INDUSTRY PERFORMANCE: Analyses of a large number of questions on the specific Performance of the Companies within the Industry.

NATIONAL SURVEYS: National Surveys are given to enable one to compare and evaluate the Company's survey results with the National averages and norms. National Surveys can also be regarded as being the Competitive averages for each National market - thus one can see the relative performance of the Company in the market-place. In competitive markets, Image and Customer Surveys on the competitors isolate and identify problem areas for the competitors and thereby identify opportunities for the Company. National Surveys cover all the topics mentioned above for the Company Image Surveys.

COMPANY SURVEYS  The information in this section is based on the results of surveys and similar research amongst the Customers, Branch Networks & Distribution Channels, Buyers and Suppliers of the Company. The data is given relative to the Subsidiary, Division, Unit or Market sectors.