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The Market Research Titles


The Market Research titles are based on the standard product classification codes. These codes are applied to all the countries covered to provide a uniform and universal definition of the products and markets.

Each title will provide full and specific market and financial information on each of the products within that title. 

The reports with the suffix '_L' (and 'Lines' in the title) refer to the Product Lines sold by that distribution channel. Distribution channels, whether wholesale or retail, tend to sell a wide range of product lines, from differing product groups or sectors, and thus if one's company is involved in distribution, as opposed to the production of goods or the provision of services directly to the End User, then one should review these Product Line titles.


Users can focus on the exact product and market sector needed by using the Main Sectors grid above. One can then navigate through the various levels of product code until one reaches the market research title needed. This will also allow users to understand the structure of the standard product classifications used.

For a description of the product group or sector, or the definition of a particular title, click on the icon.


For a full description of these Market Research titles see the Report Contents page.