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Market Research

There are very many thousands Market Research titles publicly available.

12,200 PureData databases covering 320,000 Products & Market Sectors in 200 Countries.

These titles can be purchased as:

PDF Edition summary reports, each of which cover about 120 Countries in 500-2000 pages and cost $950.

Database Editions which cover various geographic markets:

Updated: Monthly

Online Delivery: 59 minutes to Account Holders and 2 hours to Retail Clients.

Corporate Research

Corporate and Company data on over 15 Million entities in 200 countries. There are various types of report available on Target Companies or Organisations:

Base Corporate Data: Data on about 15 million corporate entities. Cost: $350.

Tactical & Strategic Reports: 60,000 Stock Exchange listed & Private Equity companies.

Cost: $4950.

Acquisition Manuals: 60,000 Stock Exchange listed & Private Equity companies which are potential acquisition targets.

Cost: $9950.

Online Delivery: 2 hours to Account Holders and 24 hours to Retail Clients.

Specialist Databases

These Specialist Databases are only available to Account Holders and Data Institute Members:

Market & Industry databases:

Corporate databases:

Product databases:

Process & Production databases:

Distribution & Logistics databases:

Technology databases:

World Geographic databases




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Chemical & Pharma

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Pharma Databases

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ACQ Companies

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Service to Clients since 1974

The publications, data services and brands offered are on this site are all produced by DataGroup and The Data Institute. Providing essential market & corporate intelligence, business information, and a wide range of research services to clients around the world since 1974.

We offer comprehensive, and constantly up-dated, research products which can be provided on demand.  We offer harmonisation and consistency in all our publications and database products; and this means that clients can be sure that all the information will be compatible and that all the information they use will be of the same high standard and quality.

Access to the largest source of business research and intelligence...

Custom Research

Sometimes clients just need summary data, a brief report, an Excel spreadsheet, a short explanation, or some other exactly specified piece of information.  In these circumstances we can supply Ad Hoc data where a suitably qualified consultant will output the specific information required by the client.

B2B Buyer Index Procurement

There are over 3,000 Business-to-Business Purchasing & Procurement databases available.

These titles cover over 3,000 Business & Industry sectors and over 150,000 Products & Services which these companies and organisations purchase.

PDF Edition summary reports which cover about 120 Countries in 1000-2000 pages and cost $950.

Database Editions which cover various geographic markets:

Updated: Monthly

Online Delivery: 59 minutes to Account Holders and 2 hours to Retail Clients.

Chemical & Pharma Research

Over 200,000 reports on individual Chemicals and Chemical Formulations.

Over 50,000 reports on individual Pharmaceuticals (human and veterinary) and dosage packaging.

World Edition (200 Countries): $2850

Updated: Monthly

Online Delivery: 59 minutes to Account Holders and 2 hours to Retail Clients.

In January 2020, DataGroup reverted to being a Members Only organisation, and as such no longer interacts with third parties.

DataGroup have restricted access to all major databases and big data products to foundation members and stakeholders; however some DataGroup & Data Institute entry level databases and products are available to academic, governmental, commercial, or retail clients. The public presence of DataGroup is only available via the web sites of third party distributors licensed to use the trademarks and logos.

Academic, governmental, and commercial account holders should directly access online services and resources via their Account Login.

Retail clients may use this web site to obtain the products listed here.

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